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Welcome To Huscan

At Huscan, we enjoy the mechanical engineering challenges associated with turning a good idea into a great product. We can design and build a cost effective machine or a complete production line from a great idea, sketch, blue print or CAD file. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling, servicing and maintaining: metal forming machinery,
roll forming machinery, food processing and packaging machinery
Our services also include reconditioning/retrofitting and modification of any industrial equipment as requested.
Repairs to:
Cincinatti, Bridgeport,Dean Smith & Grace, Colchester, Huron, Standard Modern, TOS, Allsteel, Niagara, Minster, Aida, Brown Boggs, Harig, Jones & Shipman, Kent, Chevalier, Lian Feng, Lillian

Precision milling, turning and slideway grinding is part of our business as well.

Send us an example of the finished product you want to fabricate, and we’ll engineer machinery to create it. Rely on us to deliver your equipment, set it up, train your operators, and ensure that the line is running productively.
Huscan Machinery Inc. is a Canadian distributor and service company for well-known European manufacturer of Hvac Duct Manufacturing Equipment, Metal Fabrication Tools, Pinch Rolls and Plate Bending Machine

HUSCAN Machinery Inc.
68 Covepark Dr. NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tel: (587) 350 4378, e-mail:info@huscan.com

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